Mark Green

Mark Green

Mark Green was born in 1953, while his parents lived in Magazine. When he was four years old, they moved to Booneville, and except for about eight years, he has lived there ever since.

He graduated from BHS in 1971 and got his degree in music from Arkansas Tech in 1976. He retired from International Paper in 2017.

Mark's journalistic career began with his junior year in high school when he was asked by the Booneville Democrat to write the stories for the football games. In the intervening decades, he has been involved regularly in writing in some form or another.

Mark and his wife of 48 years, the former Pam Adams, live just outside of Booneville, where they raised their six children and where they regularly entertain their 18 grandchildren. Among his activities in his retirement has been the announcing for the Magazine Rattler basketball games since the construction of Diamondback Arena.

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I Was There

I Was There by columnist Mark Green

09 September, 2022
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I am calling upon my rotund brethren to arise, join hands, and defend ourselves against the unkind arrows of public opprobrium. Pot bellies of the world, UNITE!

21 July, 2022
mark green

The Really Cold Winter

This past week saw many schools closed due to snow and ice. Arkansas has seen some historically hard winters. 1978 and 1880 were bitterly cold.

02 March, 2022
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Fashion In Given Names

One of my duties as the announcer for the Magazine Rattler basketball games is to try to make sure that I pronounce the names of the players correctly.

08 February, 2022
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Water Troubles

Getting good well water in western Arkansas is a problem. There is plenty of water, but little of it is good.

04 February, 2022
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Remembering William Conrad

Those of you who are my age, and some of you who are younger, may remember the television program “Cannon.”

04 February, 2022
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Concerning Oak Trees

Have I mentioned that I do not like oak trees?

18 January, 2022
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Corn Cob Fights

My maternal grandfather was a farmer in the creek bottoms south of Malvern.

11 January, 2022
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Winter Huckleberries

The school bus route when I was in elementary school was a strange one.

28 December, 2021
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The Boston Rocker

I can remember vividly Pam rocking the children when they were fretful or sick, when I knew that she herself had not had any appreciable amount of sleep in days.

23 December, 2021