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tom dillard

Conrad Elsken: An Immigrant, Entrepreneur, and Leader

Conrad Elsken, 1850-1931. He is buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Paris. The founder of many businesses in North Logan County and instrumental in the paving of Highway 22 in the 1890s and the establishment of Subiaco as a municipality.

18 February, 2022
sue vaught

A Bit About Sue Vaught

A personal biography of Sue Vaught by Sue Vaught. They arrived in Logan County in 1969, settling in Magazine, Arkansas.

15 February, 2022
tom dillard

The Widow Logan Site

In 2009 Larry Porter, an archeological assistant with the Arkansas Archeological Survey station at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute near Morrilton, published an article in Field Notes on a farmstead along Sugar Creek in southern Logan County known as the “Widow Logan Site.”

23 December, 2021
curtis varnell

Murder on Mount Magazine

April 15, 1970 was a pleasant, warm spring afternoon on Magazine Mountain. Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Swilling and a friend were picking poke sallet at the old rock quarry near the top of Magazine Mountain.

27 October, 2021
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