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This & That, Jan 2, 2023
sue vaught / 07 January 2023 / 0 Comment

This & That, Jan 2, 2023

Were you dreaming of a White Christmas? We did have a little snow left on Christmas Day. We also had some extremely COLD temperatures days before Christmas. We had folks with frozen pipes and a few without power for a while but this was small compared with the 4 feet of snow and power outages in the North and Northeast and so many accidents and deaths due to this so-called “Storm of the Century”. According to Fort Smith’s Times Record weather almanac, the coldest temps for Fort Smith on 8° on Dec. 18th in 1964, 4° on Dec. 21st in 1989, 8° on Dec 27th in 1892, and 3° on Dec. 28th in 1894. Just keep your Long Johns and blankets handy!

Winter just started Dec. 21st and it’s not over yet. By the time you read this, it wil be year 2023. The ball will have dropped in New York, singing of Auld Lang Syne will be finished and we will need to get our new calendars hung if we haven’t already.

A whole New Year to break whatever New Year’s Resolutions we may have made in haste.

If we look on the positive side, we will find a lot of good things to be joyful about to balance out the not so good things. It’s called Life’s Ups and Downs. We all have them.

Christmas was wonderful, lots of good food, gifts to open, family to share the time with, also church to attend for Worship. Christmas on Sunday makes for a full day with lots of memories to treasure.

We are back to school. Five months to go in this year. It passes quickly, so cherish the moments.

Happy Birthday to Alyssa Ashley on Jan. 5th (I missed her last time), to my grandson Shane Golden on Jan. 6, to David Street on the 7th, to Evan Hogan, Dorothy Hicks and Hayle Jones all on Jan. 10, to Carey Rogers on the 12th, Danita Harger and Rick Libby both on the 13th, to Greg Rice and Martha Beason both on Jan. 14th, to Lawson Rice on the 15th, to Sara Lee and Kim Jones both on Jan. 16th. We wish you all more Happy Birthdays.

Happy Anniversary to Blake and Chandra Harger on Jan. 7, to Loy and Janean May on January 18. We wish you many more Happy Years Together.

The Kenneth and Cassie Massey Family went on a cruise for their Christmas of year, 2022. The boys Jett and Jaxx got to swim with the dolphins. The pictures they are sending home do show they are having a fun time.

Sight & Sound’s new venture into film making for theaters is a success in my book. Julie and I went to see “I heard the bells” at the Malco in Ft. Smith. The story was based on the life of Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Much research has been done and the actors chosen are perfect for the parts The set and clothing were designed for the period in which he lived. It just brought your high school literature class to life. I recommend it highly.

Do take care. That’s all today.


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