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Joshua Scott for Mayor of Magazine
politics / 19 October 2022 / 0 Comment

Joshua Scott for Magazine Mayor

Josh is a lifelong resident of South Logan County and has worked and volunteered in various coaching and mentorship programs, founding and developing the WatchDog program for the Magazine School District, which provides positive male role models for athletes. Since 2015 he has worked for the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, where he currently serves as Chief Deputy. He enjoys his career and appreciates that each day can bring something new. He is currently running for Mayor of Magazine.

Josh feels strongly that the mayor needs to be someone with some energy who could come in and someone who would be great for the City of Magazine. After spending a couple of years talking to other people trying to find someone who would be great in that role, he started to realize that maybe he could fulfill the role and bring to the position “I do feel like I have the energy, I know I have the passion for it, and sometimes you gotta stop talking about it and start being about it.”

Josh grew up south of Sugar Grove. He is known for saying he is “from the woods.” As an alumnus of Magazine Schools, he holds his coaches in high esteem and feels passionate about giving back to the community. He has volunteered as a coach, worked as a coach, hosted podcasts with local coaches, and, since COVID, has live-streamed Magazine sports.

When asked about why he wants to be mayor, he said, “It’s more about seeing a need and feeling like maybe that’s something I can do.” The biggest challenge that he sees is trying to get the city, the business owners, and the schools working together. His plans for growth in Magazine are secondary to taking care of what’s already going on in Magazine. There are a lot of good things taking place in South Logan County. What can Magazine do to make the city better? “What Magazine needs is somebody who can organize all that and bring people together to accomplish projects around the community. What can we do to fix relationships, what can we do to improve communication, what can we do to get people who have interest in Magazine who are already out in the world doing great things, to do great things in Magazine.” It is important to find ways to benefit each other, and in the process of doing that, everyone is lifted up, and progress is made.

Brian Cooper recently hosted Joshua Scott as a guest on The Local Insider Podcast. To listen to the full podcast please visit 

~ Submitted by the Committee to Elect Joshua Scott


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