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Splashpad vs Spraypad
booneville / 18 August 2021 / 0 Comment

SplashPad Update

by Leslie Oliver

We could apply for the less costly Spray Pad but have opted to continue to raise money for the Splash Pad. Costs have almost doubled on our original chosen model, thus after numerous meetings with the grant agency and the City, we have come to this decision and will apply next August. The money already donated will stay in the Splash Pad account. Our volunteer committee has raised $6,000 and we need at least that much more. This past year has been a difficult year to fundraise and we are asking everyone interested in seeing this come to fruition to please donate and participate in our upcoming events. Our Facebook group has roughly 800 members. If each member could donate $10 or $20 dollars, hold a yard sale, or host a car wash, that would bring us that much closer to either a really nice Spray Pad or a Traditional Splash Pad. It is up to all of us. Checks should be made payable to PJRF/ Splash Pad and can be dropped off at City Hall and are tax-deductible. Please join our Facebook page "South Logan County Splash Pad" for updates and the option to donate through our GoFundMe account.


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