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Alton Shackleford for City Council
politics / 19 October 2022 / 0 Comment

Alton Shackleford for Booneville City Council

When asked why he is running the first thing he will say is that he is not a politician. Alton has previously run as a candidate for City Council. He feels passionate about seeing change brought to Booneville. In his 63 years as a resident of Booneville, he has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. His philosophy is that if a person lives in town, they should do what they can to make Booneville better. He feels that the city government could do a better job at bringing new business and industry to Booneville, which in turn will bring a stronger job market to South Logan County.

He feels that the council could do more to work together and develop a plan of action to make Booneville better. Should he be elected, he is willing to take on some of the more difficult issues that Booneville is currently experiencing.

Last election cycle, he lost by 8 votes to Guy Robson. Alton likes Guy and appreciates the dedication Guy has to the City of Booneville, but he feels that he can bring a new perspective to the Council. His top three concerns include drugs, city clean-up, and safety for kids. “The city has spent a lot of money on parks and sidewalks, and it’s a shame that we can’t look after them better.”

He believes that council members have an obligation to the community to volunteer and be seen in the community and should be doing all they can to effect positive growth. Alton says he is for change, and he is for making Booneville the best it can be. “We are a small community, and we need to come together to make Booneville better. Change doesn’t take place overnight, but we need to start somewhere. If I don’t feel like I’ve done any good in two years, I will not run again.”

~ Interview with The RattleCat


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