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politics / 19 October 2022 / 0 Comment

Baker for Mayor

My name is Edgar Baker, and I am running for Mayor of Booneville. My passion is to bring the next generation of leadership to Booneville. Booneville needs a mayor that has the energy and puts out effort to work hard everyday to bring progress and improvements to our town. As a member of the Downtown Beautification Group, I've shown ,as a volunteer, that I have the ability to bring people together to improve our town.

My goals are to clean up our neighborhoods, upgrade our parks department, recruit new businesses and jobs and fight our town's drug problem. I think the future is bright for Booneville. People are working hard to make our town a better place. They are investing money, remodeling houses and growing businesses. We need a mayor that matches the effort of these people to make Booneville an even better hometown.


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