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politics / 19 October 2022 / 0 Comment

Brewer for a Better Tomorrow

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Rotary Club of Booneville for sponsoring the debate held on October 10, 2022, and to the First Baptist Church of Booneville for allowing the use of the Fellowship Hall. What a great night and turnout. Each of you are appreciated for your attendance and for watching online. I’d like to take some of your time now to repeat a few of the issues you shared and to provide some insight from my perspective regarding those issues. I intend to approach the office of Mayor of Booneville, devoting 100% of my time towards achieving these objectives that are of concern to you. I care deeply for Booneville, and for your well-being and future.

The job of Mayor requires attention to ALL aspects of the care, growth, and future of Booneville, as well as the citizens within and around Booneville who rely on the city for their livelihood. As long as those needs and any anticipated needs are met, Booneville will thrive. Drug Control, Cleanliness, Recreational Allowances, Economic Prosperity, Increased Jobs, City Employee Retention, Competitive Wages, and Animal Control were your primary concerns. Economic Prosperity will enable the city to sustain funding and address most of these other issues more easily. I believe that if we bring businesses and educational opportunities to Booneville that support our existing primary businesses in Booneville, that we will see an increase in revenue and an increased pride in our town. I believe that if we market and advertise the hiking and biking trails, fishing, and recreational venues that are South and East of Booneville, we will see an increase in tourism and prosperity for Booneville. Additionally, retail stores can be recruited to come to Booneville and opened to support and supply those activities.

Animal Control, Drug Control, and Neighborhood Cleanliness will be issues that are handled with more aggressive enforcement. Spaying and neutering of animals that are caught will, over time, help control our growing animal population. Increasing the size of our animal pound, aggressively citing owners for not controlling their animals, and re-homing stray animals should help regulate the numbers running free within the city. Drug Control will be emphasized by consistent and increasingly aggressive attention to the suppliers and users. I want everyone to be well and drug free. If there are minimal supplies available, then their chances of rehabilitation will be increased. Also, our youth will, with increased local healthy recreational activities and no drug sources to lure them to “try” drugs, become more drug free. With those accomplishments, I know, our community can begin to heal from this terrible affliction. Clean Neighborhoods will evolve from fair and consistent enforcement of the existing city ordinances to continually force owners to effectively “fix” their problems.

My life experiences, training, and vocation have provided me with the necessary skills and tools to be your next Mayor. I am a Certified Municipal Official. I have experience, through my career as a Federal Agent, in effectively dealing with tough issues. I have been in attendance at every City Council meeting these past 6 years, advocating for the positive future of Booneville, and watching out for your needs. I am very much seeking your support to elect me as your Mayor, so I can begin this journey to turn Booneville into our “Good Hometown” again. Booneville IS a great place to live, work and play, but it can be so much greater with just a bit of very hard work. Work that I am prepared to do for Booneville, and for you.


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