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Jerry Wilkins booth at October Daze
politics / 19 October 2022 / 0 Comment

Incumbent Mayor Jerry Wilkins for Re-Election

Mayor Wilkins has worked hard in office to ensure that the city is progressing along with the country. Under Mayor Wilkins’ Leadership, we have seen the highest sales tax revenues in city history. This was made possible by recruiting and supporting new major industry, businesses and restaurants including; Rockline, Wal-Mart Super Center, Tractor Supply, Dollar Tree, Pizza Italia, Reid’s BBQ, Penjamo’s, Lin’s, and Blackdog.

In addition to new business growth, Mayor Wilkins was instrumental in getting a new hospital, medical clinic, nursing home, and Senior Center. He upgraded airport safety and infrastructure by securing nearly two million dollars in airport improvement grants.

Mayor Wilkins has modernized city services to create better functionality of the city departments. He started by updating technology at city hall office by purchasing computers and adding staff with up-to-date technical skills. He then secured automated sanitation services with robotic pickup systems to decrease sanitation costs and increase productivity.

Mayor Wilkins has overseen and instructed countless street and park improvements. Some of the completed street improvements include stoplight systems, automated emergency notification systems, adding 69 streetlights downtown and on Highway 10, adding and updating sidewalks for convenience and accessibility, and various general street repairs. As for our parks, Mayor Wilkins has overseen the repair of the pool, roofing of the pool house, upgrades of park equipment, repairing and resurfacing the tennis courts, building three walking trails connecting Marcelle Phillips Park, Raney Park, and the Veteran’s Park, and building a disc golf course. Under his management, the city has purchased roughly 50 acres with plans to expand the park systems and availability of outdoor recreation.

Mayor Wilkins has worked hard and has utilized his time in office to effectively reduce government spending waste and increase efficiency. He has supported future generations and sponsored organizations dedicated to our children. Mayor Wilkins has always supported and sponsored the Boys and Girls Club and continues to do so with the current sponsoring of the building of the Soccer Field and continued National Prayer Breakfast, where proceeds are donated back to the Boys and Girls Club. 

He added police officer positions to create a full-time, rotating staff, and then purchased the necessary updated police vehicles to ensure that the department can effectively and efficiently respond to emergencies. He implemented additional training to ensure the appropriate responses and safety for the public and secured new protective equipment to guarantee the safety of the officers responding to public needs.

Mayor Wilkins is dedicated to the City of Booneville and has spent his life continuing the growth of Booneville. He never stops considering what’s best for the City and those who live here. Some improvements he is currently cultivating include; adding sidewalks at Marcelle Phillips Park that extend to the Elementary School. Adding sidewalks on Highway 10 that extend from City Hall to Walmart. Mayor Wilkins has worked tirelessly to secure a grant for park improvements and the addition of a splash pad. He has recently sponsored the construction of the new Downtown Park where the Lucinda Franklin Garrett Stage will be located on Broadway. He has procured Solar Power for the City of Booneville and the Booneville School District to lower energy costs. Construction of the solar field is currently in progress east of town. In addition, he has recruited and supported Dobson Fiber Internet for City Residents. That project is nearing completion as hundreds of households already have access to the faster internet.


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